tsie/tser/tserself, they/them/themselves. Tsalva; Pyrrha and Joan and the rest. Fire-souled ghost prophetess naiad exile faery mother of god tuhideous baeddel. Stone ace, generally sex-repulsed; damaged survivor. White physically-enabled mentally-fucked nb lesbian of strange rituals, once dead, once risen; self-Dx ASD. Post-community anti-individualist leftist.



"I know some rich guy who fled Cuba therefore communism is bad" = "Nobles fled post-revolution France therefore republicanism is bad"

wdk our memory is horrible and we were switching fronts like every five minutes at that time so it might be worthless trying to reconstruct timing itself, you could tell us anything wrt it and we’d end up believing it





also remember—i didn’t strike first. or second. or third. i responded late, far too late.

k but u didnt tho

u talked abt it immediately

u went on the offensive right the fuck away while eve was still reeling from u twisting this…

I guess our memory of timings of seeing stuff might be really fucking screwed up… but we heard from your message first, after Elle had just said you were sending stuff around. we didn’t know what was referred to until your message got us and then we didn’t… like, get it. we asked about some parts to try to understand why you were right (bc you just had to be) and were talking w someone else about it bc they were suspicious of the claims too, we both started to question it all more. we stopped interacting w you or Eve’s supporters directly (aside from spacedyke at one point) once you started asking us to trust that you’d investigated this thoroughly enough to know what really happened, we felt uncomfortable w that assertion and also realized we cared too much about your judgement to seek truth in things without just assuming you were inherently right, which is what we had pretty much always done before. then We talked more w other party (again you prolly know who this is) and started talking to Elle at some level of depth within the next couple of days. I feel like this timeline makes more sense maybe?
what we’re hung up on primarily is how initiating a knife play scene without receiving consent or giving notice first, but still tying the partner down as they expect there will be no knife, isn’t rape. that is far and wide our main issue with what you all are saying


I’ve found that if I cut myself open and massage my heart twice a week I have fewer heart attacks. It’s good to do this when you have a little bit of free time, such as while on the toilet or at a red light


every day

every goddamn day

there’s another post that makes me say “this is it. this is the worst post on this site”

even if Eve was borderline it wouldn’t negate her anti-borderline shit, just as my rapist’s borderline didn’t keep her from enacting it on me

moreover, Elle has been abundantly clear about the variety of mental illnesses and such they experience and have been attacked on those fronts. if Eve is disabled let me know but. this is not even close to a level playing field I don’t feel like

quit boiling this down to “ableism is irrelevant we’re all disabled!” when we are NOT all borderline.