tsie/tser/tserself, they/them/themselves, khe/kher/kherself. Tsalva, the Pyrrhic Ones (dissociative spirit queens). Fire-souled ghost prophetess naiad exile faery mother of god tuhideous baeddel. Stone (grey?) ace; damaged survivor. White physically-enabled mentally-fucked nb lesbian of strange rituals, once dead, once risen; self-Dx ASD; undifferentiated leftist; do not hesitate to cut us down.


I give the weirdest fucking trans 101’s

we also got “post-hardcore butch” so wdk

someone said in the past week that we have a Joan of Arc kinda aesthetic going on and that is like our life goal, we need to keep this up

it’s harder to find a copy of Valley of the Dolls than you’d expect around here


Recap: Hamas didn’t kidnap the 3 Israelis. Hamas abided by an 18-month ceasefire. Israel broke the ceasefire repeatedly, bombed Gaza, pummeled the West Bank, and murdered more than 1000 Palestinians.

the moment when you start realizing someone has been taking advantage of your symptoms to cheat into your trust for over a year