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Don’t you or unobject have a pretty good write up on how accusations of whiteness are used as a derail / silencing tactic because of the fact this movement is founded on so much of the work of trans women of color?

we both probably do, although i have a better memory of unobject writing on this. i don’t know where you’d find it though.

but yea, accusations of whiteness are extremely common from transmisogynists, and is something queer people of color all over have experienced. 

its twofold in certain circles: any trans woman’s rhetoric that seeks separatism/centers specifically trans women is born out of whiteness b/c people of color supposedly “can’t afford” to do separatism from men (a la bell hooks, who was writing in reaction to black lesbian separatists) and generalized manhate is racist because men of color have hardships; and the idealization of the (lesbian, poor) trans women of color who were fighting before us (marsha, sylvia, etc) and the liberal, hetero and assimilationist, passing, monied trans women of color contemporaries (laverne, janet, carmen, all the way to the tumblr famous crowd like labr*jamorgan, lovemme, lexi) combined with the (often murdered) trans women of color as sacrificial symbols (cece, brandy martell, etc) that creates the situation such that trans women of color who are not either elevated to hero status via their deaths/current irrelevance (irrelevance meaning - no power/presence) or are the top of the food chain (monied, passing, educated, etc) are contrasted as evil - as any hero worship is bound to do (re:the good tranny, only with twoc, its a lot worse. you have the trophies to show off and the devil’s minions to defeat, basically)

anyway thats all very wordy - the point is that the same people who say being trans woman-identified (focusing on trans women) is white supremacy also worship these collections of people in order to cover up and justify their deep hatred of and violence toward trans women of color.

my girlfriend and i developed a theory together that trans women’s role within patriarchy is THE defining foundation for how patriarchy will form itself (everything comes from how trans women are treated and integrated into the social) and i think that looking at trans women of color really exemplifies that: because you have an undeniable deep social hatred for trans women, and a compounding expendability for trans women of color that makes us the most frequent targets, and when you look within our community at how violence plays out, you see such powerful extremes of patriarchal valuing: at one end, you have the (empty) rewarding of trans women of color with high status - these women are SHOWERED with superficial praise, given plenty of opportunity to fulfill their “dreams”, etc, an extreme amount of solidarity is shown to them (solidarity they rarely actually NEED). it’s all for show, of course, no one actually cares about them. but its there. and then, on the other end, you have crushing violence - violence that is incomprehensible to those outside the group. poor trans women of color face unreal levels of violence, even from the same group who parades janet mock around on a pedestal. 

and its a necessary dichotomy - the key here is that even though there are great leaps between treatment (worship vs. annihilation), its all the same thing: sacrifice. the trans women of color with social relevance sacrifice their personhood to become symbols of status which their peers can carry; trans women of color with no social relevance sacrifice their lives to become scapegoats onto which the aforementioned can blame white supremacy/patriarchy etc. its classic assimilationism, liberalism, the forward movement of patriarchy/capital.

you can imagine it this way: patriarchy as a collective is constantly dodging the acknowledgment of its own realities. it cannot acknowledge that it hates women, trans women, etc, or that men are given power for no reason other than to exploit, etc. so it must do SOMETHING with these realizations (which are always in the making - patriarchy is a unstable system which must do constant maintenance). so imagine patriarchy the collective as a singular Being-Thing. this Being-Thing is constantly having to dodge the Spears of Realization in order to not crumble into pieces. so the Being-Thing builds a shield, a false image of itself in front of itself. this shield is made of the first group of sacrifices: those that patriarchy forms into status symbols. but this shield inherently can’t absorb the Spears because then the shield itself would crumble. so the shield must DEFLECT the spears to a separate location. this separate location is the scapegoat, the wastebasket, and is comprised of the second group of sacrifices: those assigned to be the Evil which the Good Patriarchy is fighting.

i’ve written a whole lot on this with my partner, although i’ve never published that writing and mostly just reference it now and then lol, but either way, this is my understanding of the functionings of patriarchy re:TWOC.

me: this book destroyed my life and broke my heart into a million tiny pieces

me: here read it

Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you.

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